Sunday, February 13, 2011

Season of LOVE

The day when LOVE start to gloom in its special ways!Valentine's Day is not only for lovers, it also related to our family's love

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! My love for Valentine is universal, and of course in my love's list would be: Family and Friends (Boyfriend excluded as I have non) ☺

If I'm brave enough to say this:

Tonight will be the greatest day of all. But, I know I'm not that strong to speak out this precious words again for my entire life. Cause I already had it once and making me suffer the most. Right now, I'm calculating my days of recovering and I realize that it takes 1 year for me to forget everything and stay normal again!

It's cool to be back to the old BernadetteCJ again. ☺

Being in LOVE is complicated because; 

From all of the three, I really really afraid of this one. I wish whoever I love in future will LOVE ME with all HIS HEART tho we are far apart or whatever may distract our relationship.

I'm willing to open up my heart again for 2011. Forget the past and accept the new one. I hope my future BOYFRIEND will last to be my HUSBAND! I really wish for it. ☺

And if I have a boyfriend, there are things that I want to do with him; 

 Hang out with beautiful memories together

P/S: I would be slightly touch if my lover always surprise me with flowers. It's kind of romantic to me.

To my future Boyfriend or Husband out there, no matter who you are and where you come from;


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